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Different Types of Security Lighting Systems

If you are concerned about keeping your home safe, then one thing that comes to your mind is how to secure the place. There are many ways of securing your home today. Although there are expensive and high profile security alarm systems, if you don’t want these sophisticated devices then you can opt to install security lighting in your home.

There are people who are not comfortable with lighting security systems because of the energy it requires and sometimes you are not able to sleep with the brightness. Today, however, there are lighting security devices that are designed to light up only when they detect someone approaching the house. The way these lights operate is through the help of sensors which are of two kinds, the infrared and microwave.

When there is heat, the infrared sensor reacts and triggers the light on when they sense any warm object, a person or a car. On the other hand, the microwave sensor sends out high frequency radio waves which can detect objects within their range since the energy from the objects breaks down the radio waves. The light goes on when the radio waves are broken.

The lights will turn off after a certain amount of time for both sensors. This will give you energy savings and will surely scare intruders away. These security lights only turn on when the sensors trigger them and at no other time will they be turned on, and so this will not add a significant amount to your energy consumption.

You can also install automatic security lights for everyday usage. This is useful when your family members drive home at night and the lights will automatically turn on when the sensors detect the car. Comparing the cost to other security systems, lighting security systems are the cheapest.

Home security lighting comes in different types. Some security systems can be used to keep your home safe starting from daylight. Since it includes daytime security, the lighting system has to be kept on at all times. However, this types of lighting will give you high energy costs.

Protect your home with motion-activate flood lights. Any type of motion will trigger the sensors to turn the flood lights on. With this motion sensor you can save cost and it can alert everyone about an intrusion.

Another form of security lighting is that which stays on low power and will become fully bright when it detects motion. The name for this security lighting is ‘hi-lo’ lighting.

Electrical experts and technicians have solutions for all kinds of security lighting system installation. If you need maintenance and repair of your lighting security systems, these professionals are also able to offer you these services.

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