In India, growing rate of road accidents is the major concern. To bring down the statistics and to put facts in order, the government had taken a historic step to hike the traffic penalties. Motor Vehicle (Amendment) Bill 2016 which was proposed with hefty penalties for traffic violations has now been passed in Lok Sabha. Fines are almost tenfold for breaking the traffic rules. Not knowing about below penalty hike may leave a big hole in your wallet!

Here is the list of revised fines for breaking traffic rules and for traffic violations

  • Minimum penalty for violating any road rules and regulations is no longer Rs. 100 (nominal). It’s now 5 times more. Penalty is not below Rs. 500 for violation of any road rules.
  • You can be smacked with the penalty of Rs. 2,000 (4 times more than the old penalty) for disobeying the orders from the authorities.
  • Now you cannot just blindly allow your friend to take your bike/car without having a valid driving license as penalty is now tenfold. It’s no longer just Rs. 500/Rs. 1000 you will be slapped with the heavy penalty of not less than Rs. 5000.
  • For speed junkies, your passion for speed can dent a hole in your wallet. Penalty for over speeding is 10 times more. If caught by the traffic police, be ready to shell out Rs. 2000-Rs. 4,000. As per the provisions of the Amended Motor Vehicle Act, 1988, over speeding penalty for light motor vehicles is minimum of Rs. 1000 which can extend up to Rs. 2000. And for medium motor vehicles, penalty is no less than Rs. 2000 which can extend up to Rs. 4000. This is just for the first offense! Subsequent offences can put your license under trouble!
  • Speeding and racing will now be fined 5 times more. Penalty for racing is not below Rs. 5000
  • Government aims to curb the fatalities caused due to rash and dangerous driving. Such reckless people need to rethink before they start their vehicle as penalty after amendments is substantially huge. It’s increased from Rs. 1000 to Rs. 5000!
  • High risk offences like drunken driving are now subjected to stricter penalties. In hi-tech cities and metros drunken driving is the most common problem, especially during night. Even with the rigorous checks, statistics does not seem to be coming under control as people get away with the penalty of Rs. 2000 quite easily. Beware of new penalty which is 5 times more! Drunken driving can cost you whopping Rs. 10,000 just for the first offense!
  • Penalty for driving vehicle without permit or driving unregistered vehicle is now doubled. It has increased from current Rs. 5000 to Rs. 10,000.
  • Wearing a seat belt can save you from a fatal crash. Mere negligent act of not wearing a seat belt can now put yourself under the penalty of Rs. 1000 which is 10 times more than the old penalty (Rs. 100). Ensure not to break such basic rule of safety.
  • As per the revised fine, penalty for overloading of two-wheeler is now Rs. 2000 (20 times more than the previous penalty) with disqualification of driving license for 3 months. Now, one cannot just escape the traffic violation with a nominal fee!
  • Even though wearing a helmet while driving is mandatory by law, people will have their own excuse for not wearing something that is meant for their own safety. Now, you cannot just pay Rs. 100 for such offense and fly away. You will be penalized with Rs. 1000 along with disqualification of driving license for 3 months if you are caught not wearing the helmet. Think before you plan an excuse!
  • There is a much needed inclusion into the Motor Vehicle Act rules. A section is inserted for penalising the drivers who do not provide a way for emergency vehicles. As per the new Motor Vehicle bill 2016 passed in Lok Sabha, One needs to pay a penalty of Rs. 10,000 for not giving way to ambulance.
  • Driving without insurance will now attract a doubled penalty of Rs. 2000
  • One more new section is inserted, which is for the offenses by juveniles. In case a minor driving a vehicle causes an accident, parents/guardian will have to bear a penalty of Rs. 25,000 with 3 years of imprisonment. Along with this, registration of the vehicle will be cancelled. Juvenile will be tried under JJ Act.

Don’t break traffic rules. Think before you drive!

Safe riding!