Why Do You Need Custom Dashboard Covers

Cars have to negotiate with rain, UV rays, dust, heat, and several other exposures. Apart from other parts of your car such as car seats, exteriors etc, car dashboard needs protection from extreme heat and UV rays. Car dashboard covers play a crucial role in protecting the dashboards.

Because of the ability to protect the dashboards from these outdoor extremities, dashboard covers for car are very popular, especially in the hot states of the US. There are different varieties of dashboard covers available in the market; some are good, others are not so good. That makes it hard to select the best suitable car dashboard cover for your car.

There are certain aspects you need to consider when selecting the dashboard cover for your car. The quality of the material used is the most important factor that determines the ultimate effectiveness of the product.

Another important aspect is the fitting. …

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Five Things You Need To Consider When Selecting A Car Cover

A car cover is a great and convenient way of providing your car with a layer of robust protection that will keep it looking good and maintain the value of your investment in it. The odd scratch and ding dramatically reduces the look of your vehicle?s appearance and more radically reduces the dollar value of your investment!

Like everything else in life ? not all car covers are equal!

You need to take into account certain factors and make sure your car covers come up to the standards you demand.

Sun Block Capacity

The effect of the sun on paintwork is horrendous ? paintwork fades and certain colours such as red paint are particularly susceptible to the sun.

The culprits are the ultra violet rays in sunlight – – the same harmful rays which cause sun burn in us and they can penetrate clothing and materials unless they are designed …

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