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North County Dentist: Impacts of the Aging Process in Oral Health

The general health of a person comprises dental health and other essential elements of the overall physical, emotional, and social well-being of an individual most especially the elderly population. Aging is a part of life and a natural process that can affect oral health. The presence of a systemic disease, along with decreased energy levels, and discomfort experienced by the elderly, the promotion of oral health and maintenance of oral hygiene are impaired leading to dental problems. Elderly people need an experienced and expert dentist who understands how chronic diseases affect patients, so proper dental treatment is planned for the promotion and maintenance of an individual’s quality of life. You can always find a trusted and reliable dentist in North Country, someone who prioritizes the oral health of the elderly people, providing the right dental treatment intervention every time. You can always rely on the best North Country dentist so you can achieve your dental goals and dental health as soon as possible, and more importantly helping the elderly attain the quality of life they deserve.

It is important for the elderly population to have adequate nutrition which is an important factor in the oral health and general health and well-being of the aged. Many elderly people have poor eating habits because of disorders of the oral cavity, ill-fitting dentures, or loose painful teeth. The structural integrity and function of the oral elements are greatly affected with the type of nutritional status of an elderly because diet and dental health are interrelated, that is why nutritional assessment is an important aspect in the dental management of the elderly. Because aging decreases salivary gland functioning, saliva production is reduced, and the absence of saliva leads to deleterious oral health problems. Minor and major salivary glands undergo degenerative changes including atrophy, and along with dry mouth and dental caries attributed to reduced saliva production. There is also a decline in the oral mucosa among the elderly and the protective barrier functioning is decreased, thus exposing them to chemicals and pathogens. The aging process causes changes in the teeth such as altered surface structure, color changes, flat enamel, change in shape and form, reduced quantity and quality, and teeth transparency.

Age really changes the teeth and gums’ morphology with clinical implications, influencing the outcomes of the restorative interventions. If you are looking for a trusted, reliable, expert, and experienced dentist in North County specializing in geriatric dental health, we can help you find one in North County. You can check our website or homepage for more details about the best North County dentist today! The North County dentist today is available to help the aging population attain quality of life. Set up an appointment with the best North County dentist now, check it on our website! Take care of your oral health because it is the window to your overall health.

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