How to Prepare Your Car For The Summer Months

Now that winter is over and the sun is heating up, it’s time to get your car prepared for the Summer. The sizzling summer months can take a toll on your vehicle. You don’t want to find yourself stranded along the highway with no running air conditioning as that can be a disaster. Be sure to follow the tips below to ensure your car is prepared to beat the heat.

Have Your Coolant Flushed 

We’ve all seen the movie scenes where the car starts smoking and leaves the owner alongside a desert highway. Don’t let that be you. Avoid overheating problems by ensuring you get your car’s coolant flushed every two years. You should check your coolant level every few months to verify the container is still full of fluid. Most vehicles require a 50/50 ratio of water to coolant. You should check your owner’s manual if you plan on topping off the fluid yourself.

Check When Your Oil Change Is Due 

Most vehicles require an oil change every 3,000 miles. Your local mechanic should alert you of when your next oil change is due. This should be taken care of as quickly as possible to ensure your oil is debris free. If you leave the same oil in your car for too long it can collect debris and leave sludge in your engine. This sludge could lead to major mechanical issues in the future.

Tire Tread and Spare Tire 

Having a tire blowout is not fun. In fact, it can lead to a serious accident. You should have the tire tread depth checked by your local mechanic to see if the tires need to be replaced. Driving on tires for too long can wear down the tread and make them more likely to blow out. If you have experienced an accident due to another person’s tire blowing out, be sure to call Charlotte auto accident lawyers to get the settlement you deserve. Double check your spare tire to ensure it’s inflated.

Have Your Battery Checked 

Most people are aware of the fact that a battery can fail in the cold of winter. However, most don’t realize that the heat of the Summer months can also negatively affect a car battery’s ability to perform. You should have your battery check by a local mechanic to ensure there is still a good bit of charge left in it.

In addition, your mechanic should be looking at the battery cables and terminals for any signs of corrosion that may need to be handled. Corroded terminal ends can lead to charging problems in the future as the connection is interrupted. All terminals should be properly attached to the battery and free from corrosion.

Preparing your car for the Summer months is extremely important. You should take the time now to ensure you have smooth driving experiences throughout the scorching summer months. It only takes a few hours to ensure all the items listed above are in proper working order. You’ll thank yourself later when you see another individual broken down on the side of the highway.