How to stop and go with your motorcycle

Have you ever wondered how you can perform a stop and go with your motorbike? Look no further! In this blog article we’re going to go ahead and talk about stop and gos. It’s a real good practice if you’re for traffic situations and stuff like that.

Basic stop and go instructions

You’re going to go ahead and accelerate and then you’re going to slow down, clutch, brake, brake and you’re going to go ahead and stop. See how long you can hold it up, and then accelerate again without touching your feet down on the ground.

So you are going to try and stop and hold it in that one spot, and then accelerate right back out of it. So we are going to go ahead and practice that. Ok, so we are going to go ahead and let that clutch out, accelerate up, pull that clutch in, brake, brake, and we’re going to come to a complete stop, hold

it, then we’re going to let that clutch out again and give it gas.

Ok, so we’re going to let that clutch out, accelerate up, we’re going to pull the clutch in, brake, brake,

come to a complete stop and then once we come to that complete stop we are going to let out our brakes completely, ease out on our clutch and give it gas and that’s going to get us to go again. So we’re going to practice that a few times and see how that turns out for you guys. Remember not to touch those feet down.

Stop and go compared to paddle walking

When you’ve gotten comfortable with paddle walking your motorcycle, it’s a good moment to go

ahead and learn how to start and stop your bike. So now when we are doing our paddle walking it’s basically the same thing. We’re going to ease out on that clutch, and give it a little bit of gas to get it going, not a whole bunch, because you don’t want to give it a whole bunch, that’s going to take off from underneath you.

So as we let it go, you feel it catch, you let that clutch out fully, you give it a little gas, put your feet up on top of the pegs. Now to stop, it’s going to be three steps, it’s going to be your clutch, pull on the clutch, right brake, back brake. So it’s three steps, it’s left, right, back.

We wish you good luck trying out some new neat tricks with your bike. Are you thinking about getting a new motorcycle of buying quality motorbike parts? Get your motorcyle products from these motorcycle importers!