Hydraulic Jack for positioning your heavy loads

A hydraulic jack is a device used in force lifting heavy loads such as a car. The ‘jack’ uses screw thread or hydraulic cylinder in lifting the loads.

Steps on how to use a hydraulic jack to lift a vehicle:

Find a leveled surface:

First, find a leveled surface then place the load which is to be lifted. For example, if it’s a car then makes sure that it is on a flat area. When it comes to a car, it is always advisable that you confirm with the user manuals to know the precautions to be taken when raising the car from the floor.

How to Use a Hydraulic Jack

Compare the weight of the jack and the vehicle:

The second step requires you to check the weight of the load to make sure that the jack will be able to raise it. For vehicles or tracks, check the user manual to see if that kind of hydraulic jack has capacity to lift its weight.

Set the brakes on the car:

Make sure the car is set on its brakes to prevent it from rolling or moving while lifting it. You can use wheel chocks on the front and rear of the car. It is to prevent the rear wheel from moving when you lift the car, as they tend to roll when the car is lifted, even if the brakes are set.

Look for pinch metal to clip:

Then look for a squeeze metal underneath the body of the car where you will be able to clip the jack for lifting. Different cars have different positioned pinch metals and it is always important that you survey the place to clip before you insert the jack.

Lift the vehicle:

Then make sure the jack handle is in a release position and gently slide it under the body of the car to the metal and start lifting the vehicle. You will require a little bit of force when lifting so as to get the car to a suitable position to work.

Hydraulic Jack & Safety Stand Positioning

Support the vehicle:

Place a jack stand underneath the car to support the vehicle, as you remove the hydraulic floor jack reviews, so you can start working on the car. Start by releasing the jack handle so it can loosen up before you remove it. Then once you are done, use the hydraulic jack to lift the car so you can get enough space to remove the jack stand. Lower the car after removing the jack stand.

Author’s Bio

Johnson Lamb, in this article, explores how hydraulic jack is used. He further looked at the safety, when it comes to positioning the jack.