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Low Carb Diets and the Specific Benefits They Provide

Over the recent years, low-carb diets ahve been attracting a good amount of attention. And the reason is simple: they’re effective!

If you’ve always wanted to learn more about the weight-loss power of low-carb diets, you’ll be impressed to learn that their benefits go even beyond that.

Weight Control

Perhaps there is no better way of beginning this list than with the most popular benefit of a low-carb diet – weight reduction. The Harvard School of Public Health investigated more than 53 research projects, which included some 68,000 plus participants, to determine the impact of lowering dietary carbs on weight. They were not surprised by the results – those who were given less carbs had more significant weight loss than those who were on other kinds of dietary interventions.

Blood Sugar and Insulin Management

It’s a widely accepted fact that carbohydrates are the most important factor in any person’s blood sugar and insulin levels. By controlling our carbohydrate intake, we controll our blood sugar levels and insulin needs. High blood sugar levels lead to nearly all known chronic diseases in man, including type 2 diabetes, heart disease and cancer.

Of course, reduced carbohydrate consumption will benefit any diabetic or any person with insulin resistance.

Curbing Food Cravings

With its ability to balance blood sugar levels, a low-carb diet increases satiety. Blood sugar and insulin spikes are kept to a minimum too. In an extensive study that looked into food cravings and appetite, subjects who given a low-carb diet ended up with significantly less cravings and were considerably less bothered by hunger, compared to the group that went on a fat-restricted diet. With the satiety-promoting effects of dietary fat, any person who has gone on a low-carb diet can relate to this very well. A diet rich in healthy fat can certainly control those cravings.

Cardiovascular Health

Low-carb diets are also famous for their ability to prevent heart disease risk factors. In particular, they reduce the body’s levels of triglycerides, which are a common factor behind cardiovascular disease, and boosting HDL or good cholesterol levels. As well, they regulate blood sugar and insulin levels and inhibit inflammation, all of which can harm the heart. Moreoever, since weight loss is a natural effect of a low-carb intake, a person reduces his risk for heart disease even more.

With a growing number of people realizing the advantages of a low-carb diet, it’s now a lot easier to see why it’s worth trying. You won’t only get a hotter figure, but a way healthier body too. Besides a good low-carb diet regimen, you only need self-control.

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