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The Guide To Renting Houseboats

Most of the tourists visiting Alleppey are enthralled by the concept of houseboats. Being able to stay in a big private houseboat is a very exciting experience. The concept of Houseboat evolved from the coastal regions of Kerala and has since spread to other places like the coastal areas of Alleppey. The number of people who stay in houseboats when they visit Alleppey is steadily increasing as of today there are more than 800 house boats riding on the backwaters. It is always advised to make sure that you do an advance booking if you want to live in a houseboat when you visit Alleppey. The houseboats have a wide range of offering as they have both day time cruise as well as night cruise. However, before planning for a houseboat cruise, it is very important to plan and understand the points articulated below.

It is important to first check the physical condition of the boat. This is very important as most of the houseboats found in Alleppey are made of wood. A yearly maintenance is always done to keep it in good condition. The physical condition of the boat, determines how old the boat is. it is good to understand that the lifespan of a houseboat is usually ten years.

It is important to understand that the prices for houseboats are really expensive. The reason for them being expensive is that the operating expenses are equally high. The operating costs incurred include the cost of hiring three crew members to be onboarding each houseboat and that is a chef, an engineer and a driver. The rent charged by each houseboat tenant varies as it is not standardized. As the rent varies according to the quality of services found on board. Another aspect to understand is that if one finds a relatively cheaper priced boat, it will mean that its services and its condition are also poor.

3. Cruising route:- This is a very important aspect. The most common cruising route is Kerala to Alleppey; this means that you take a round trip. By this, one has to be taken through the backwaters via the villages in Kerala to Alleppey while enjoying the coastal areas as well as the natives. another aspect to consider is that the more hours one takes cruising the villages, the more rent is to be spent.

The other aspect to be considered is the food served in the houseboat. For instance there will be those that will need special food and this has to be asked much earlier in advance.

The normal check out time is nine in the morning while check out time is 12pm. This hours are however determined by your operator. Boarding points are normally fixed and most cases they would mention it once a booking is made.

Looking On The Bright Side of Sales

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