Phones Have Come a Long Way, Baby

Remember how cumbersome early cell phones were?  Before they got smart, there were some really dumb designs.  The big brick that needed a wheel barrel to carry it around comes to mind.  It looked like it was straight out of the trenches of WWII.  We’ve come a long way from those big clunkers and their inefficient service, low range, poor quality and zero interface.  Networks were unreliable, dropped calls were a certainty and poor connections were enough to make you fume.

Now, many people use their wireless phones exclusively.  When is the last time you actually dialed a number to reach someone at home?  It’s been a while since we had one line for phone and one for fax hook up.  Now you can make a call thru your iPad.  They’ve been replaced by today’s wireless providers which deliver quality service throughout the U.S. and offer significant services abroad.  Now you can just pop in a SIM card at the airport in any major city in Europe and keep it moving.

Remember when the hippest thing in car accessories was the old fashioned 8-track player and a Fuzz Buster that guys put on their dash?  How effective they were being still up to debate, advances in auto accessories have come a long way since then.  Who knew the day would come when your telephone could be hooked up to the speakers in your car.

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