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Finding the Best Exterior Wood Shutters

Deciding to put any type of shutters on your house can change the feel of the outside of your house for the better. From adding depth of color and design, to just looking pretty, shutters offer a lot to a home. With so many choices of what type of shutter to choose, it can be overwhelming. Wood shutters rise above the rest, for more reasons than one, and can be a great purchase for you and you household.

Most shutters are similar in appearance, but wood shutters have an edge over the competition. Many older homes can look strange with faux finishes on the shutters, but wood shutters easily fit right in with the look of any style or age of home. Wood shutters are also significantly more customizable than shutters made from other materials. If you want to make a wood shutter a different shape or size, that is easy work to do by yourself, or have a professional do for you, because wood is easy to carve and saw. Wood shutters also hold paint well, and can be carved to your liking. No matter what look you’re going for, it can be achieved with wood shutters.

Individuals are becoming more conscious of creating a green home, and wood shutters are a good step in that direction. Everyone knows that plastic is not eco-friendly, but even some other composite materials are made with chemicals that can be destructive to animal habitats and the earth. Choosing more natural materials is very important to many people today as we move to a more environmentally friendly society, and this is just one way to make an environmentally friendly home construction, or home updating, choice.
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One of the worries that people commonly have when it comes to putting wood shutters on the exterior of a home, is how the wear and tear of the weather will affect the longevity of the shutters. As long as your wood shutters are properly sealed, there really should be no concern as to how they will react to the rain, heat, and sunshine. The responsibility for that won’t be on you. If you need additional peace of mind, you have some choices as well. Installing top caps on a shutter can prevent some of the moisture and heat changes in wood shutters, and can make them last far longer in more unfavorable climate areas.
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From vinyl to plastic to composite, there are just so many options for shutters, but truthfully, wood shutters will give you the look that you want, with other benefits that will make you feel good about your purchase. Environmentally conscious, long lasting, and unique, wood shutters add character and charm to the exterior of any home.