Recognize Drug Users From the Following Characteristics

Narcotics are an acronym for Narcotics and Dangerous Medicines, reported from the official website of the National Narcotics Agency, narcotics are substances or drugs that are natural, synthetic or semi-synthetic that can cause effects of decreased awareness, hallucinations, and excitability.

Narcotics are artificial substances or derived from plants that have hallucinatory effects, reduce awareness and cause addiction.

In the business world, drugs are used to relieve pain and provide calm for its users. Abuse of drugs outside of medical treatment can result in imprisonment or even death. But you can appeal with Marijuana business attorney Tulsa to ease the sentence.

Types of Drugs:

Narcotics Group 1

This type of narcotics comes from plants that are very dangerous and can give an addictive effect. Here are the types of narcotics group 1:

• Marijuana

• Opium

• Cocaine or other coca plants

Narcotics Group 2

Group 2 narcotics originates from the pharmaceutical world which is used for treatment according to doctor’s prescription. There are up to 85 types of narcotics, some of which are as follows:

• Morphine

• Alfaprodina

• Petition

• Fentanyl

Narcotics Group 3

Group 3 narcotics have a relatively mild dependency effect, considering that class 3 narcotics are used to help rehabilitate the use of class 1 and class 2 narcotics. There are also types of class 3 narcotics as follows:

• Codeine

• Diphenoxylate

Impacts of Drug Use

Many negative effects and even detrimental to physical or psychological health from the use of illegal drugs outside the supervision of a doctor. Anyone who uses drugs is very difficult to cure except doing intensive rehabilitation from the National Narcotics Agency of the Republic of Indonesia.

The following are the effects of the use of narcotics and drugs for the human body:


When using psychotropic the body will be forced to work hard, so when people use these illegal drugs, they will be very excited. But when the effects of the drug disappear, the body loses energy or weakness


Excessive hallucinations will be immediately felt by psychotropic users shortly after consuming the drug. No doubt the user is out of control to death.


Drugs that will suppress the work of the central requirements system, resulting in users being unconscious or asleep for a long period of time.

Characteristics of Drug Users Seen From Physical

• Red eyes and enlarged or enlarged pupils

• Nausea to vomiting

• Having a cold

• Frequent pain, especially headaches

• Spots appear around the mouth and often wet the lips due to excessive thirst

• Easy to sweat even at normal temperatures

• Sores on the skin can be like burns or burns on fingers or lips

• Bruising or having injection marks and traps on the arm

• Red face and cheeks

• A strange odor arises from breath, body or clothing

• Easy to tremble or tremor

• Likes to talk that is difficult to understand

• Nosebleeds are easy, often appearing against drug users who suck drugs from the nose

• Decreased appetite and disturbed sleep hours

• Weight loss or increase dramatically

• Have seizures without a history of epilepsy

• Seen from appearances that are not so well paid attention to appear messy or messy

Characteristics of Drug Users Seen From Psychological

• Job performance decreases without cause

• Loss of motivation at work

• Frequent difficulties in managing finances

• Withdraw from social crowds

• Have family problems and tend to be emotional

• Difficulty controlling and holding back

• Depressed, sad, depressed and like to shut himself up

• Difficult to be invited in groups