Spacious and Refined, the New Opel Zafira Delivers a Lot for a Little

Many cars and trucks on the roads today contain only a single occupant, with quite a few more adding only one passenger. While that kind of under-utilization of transportation comes with real costs in every case, some other vehicles are routinely filled to capacity. Most cars are designed to accommodate only four full-grown adults in comfort, with a fifth normally being forced to squeeze in uncomfortably between two others. The Opel Zafira, on the other hand, strives to make comfortable transportation for at least six adults possible, with a seventh seat gracefully accommodating a child or even another full-grown person, in a pinch.

This has already made the Zafira a favorite among certain buyers in the years since its introduction. Both for fleet buyers looking for an affordable, reliable means of corporate transportation and for families of a certain size, various iterations of the Zafira have turned out to provide an extremely satisfying fit. For the most recent version of the vehicle, Opel has focused on refining it even more to deliver a still more outstanding experience.

More than one reviewer has noted, for example, just how well the new model year of the Zafira dampens road and engine noise while in motion. In just about every case, buying a car at an entry-level price point will entail some sacrifices in this respect, but the new Zafira definitely stands out. Thanks to some clever noise absorption technology and carefully selected materials, the Zafira carries up to seven occupants in a surprising and gratifying cocoon of what almost very nearly to silence.

This class-leading level of refinement continues in other ways, too. While the Zafira has always been regarded as a well equipped vehicle, given its price tag, Opel has focused lately on making sure that all those extras are incorporated as seamlessly and gracefully as possible. The result is a cabin that more than one reviewer has described as befitting a significantly more expensive vehicle, a welcome development that will please many drivers and passengers alike. By delivering such an impressive experience in such a spacious package, the new Zafira is already starting to reshape what buyers think about the options at this attractively low price point.