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All About Pool Maintenance It is your responsibility to maintain your pool the best way that you can. It is important that you know the proper maintenance and the number of times you should do the processes. You can help save money if you maintain your pool often. When your pool is not properly maintained, algae can form. To keep algae from growing in your pool, you need to make sure the pH level is being maintained You can use home kits in order to do some tests on the pH level. Around 7.2 and 7.6 pH is the ideal level that you be able to maintain. More sodium bisulfate is needed if the pH will be too high. Compared to others, this kind of chemical can be used and stored easily. Make sure that you take heed of the instructions given. A lot of local stores that sell swimming pool chemicals will have this chemical.
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You can also control the algae using chlorine. Make sure you don’t use a lot of the chemical since it is also toxic. Use one to three parts per million so that you will be safe. Make sure that the liner is being kept clean.
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Some pools have plastic liners so you need to be careful not to rip the liner. So use a soft brush with nylon liners, and you can use a steel brush if you have a concrete liner. Make sure that removing algae is in your pool maintenance guide. Skimming the surface of the pool and vacuuming the pool floor are some ways you can employ to keep the pool clean. Make sure you remove leaves from the pool as well as other foreign materials. You can use a skimmer in order to achieve this. This will allow you to take out debris that is floating in the water. A vacuum can be used in order to remove the debris from the bottom. You can keep the algae from growing once you do this cleaning process. Keep the pump from getting damaged by doing this on a regular basis. It can be quite costly to get a new pump. By following a pool maintenance guide schedule, you can keep track of the routine tasks that you need to do. The pH and chlorine levels can be checked within a schedule or timeframe. This should also be executed regularly. Whenever you need to, you can do skimming and vacuuming. When external things are found in your pool, you should remove it right away. Make sure you use a calendar in order to keep track of when you would be performing these maintenance processes. This would ensure that you will always remember the schedule. Having a pool can seem like a lot of fun for you and your family. Taking care of your pool is essential to keep it around for a longer time.