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Different Types Of Ink Toner Cartridges

Over the past few years, printers have become more and more popular both in offices and homes. And while using a printer, you should be aware as well of the printing equipment and operating information which comes along. As a matter of fact, there are 2 main kinds of cartridges namely ink cartridge and toner cartridge. In order to prevent harmful damage to the printer, it is vital to make use of appropriate cartridge.

Toner cartridge is used in laser printer and has fine powder which can be charged magnetically. Basically, this powder is a mixture of plastic particles, black or other coloring agents and carbon which helps in making the actual image on paper. There are actually thousands of pages that can be printed using a laser print from a single toner cartridge. Printer companies are often recommending to use their specific cartridge to make sure that there’s the highest rate of functionality.

It is essential to buy cartridges which is compatible to the type of printer you’re using. There are even remanufactured toner cartridges that you can buy which is offered at a lower price compared to new ones. As a matter of fact, there are 4 types of toner cartridges that you can buy including:
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OEM – it is an abbreviation for Original Equipment Manufacturer, which is the most expensive but also, the most bought cartridge. In simpler explanation, this refers to buying cartridge that is manufactured by original company of the printer you’re using. The primary advantage for using this kind of cartridge is that, it’s easy to replace and find. It’s backed with warranty and guarantee while being easy to install and producing the highest print quality.
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Compatible – made by different companies from the printer you are using, which is the reason why they’re called as generic cartridges. They’re much like OEM cartridges that’s designed to fit a certain model of laser printer. In fact, they’re less expensive compared to OEM and reputable sellers are sometimes offering warranties and guarantees. However, you should refrain from buying compatible cartridges that are made by uncertified company as it can possibly damage the printer.

Remanufactured – they’re recycled cartridges and once you’ve used a toner cartridge to its fullest capacity, you can actually ship it back to the store. The cartridge will be cleaned and refilled before it is returned to you. As a result, this makes the cartridge become eco-friendly and less expensive.

Refill – actually, there are refill kits you can find in the market which can be used easily after reading the instructions and as a result, making it the best option for those who have tight budget.