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Vasectomy Doctors in Utah Vasectomy is the surgical procedure done to males to make them sterile or unable to father a child. Vasectomy is a permanent birth control way of contraception for males. Except for the tubes that lead to the testes are blocked, basically, the patient remains unchanged. Unchanged in a way that the patient’s testes can still produce sperms, except that these sperms die on their way out since the tubes where they pass through is blocked. Also, the level of testosterone and all male characteristics basically remain the same, including the ability of erection. There are about half a million vasectomies that have been performed in the US every year. With this survey, it narrows down to the ratio of one out of six males at age 35 and above have gone through vasectomy. Utah has one of the highest rating of successful vasectomies which are performed by specially trained, micro-surgeons. The Utah doctors offer two forms of vasectomy through microsurgical techniques – vasovasostomy and vasoepidiymostomy. Vasovasostomy allows men to have a 95% chance of having their sperms return to their ejaculate, while vasoepidiymostomy allows for a 70-90% chance of having the sperms return to their ejaculate.
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Remember that there are important reasons why men prefer vasectomy, and these are: enjoying sex without worrying about pregnancy, they don’t need to have more children, some men have partners that have health problems and complicate when pregnant, they have considered this as a form of birth control, saving expense rather than allowing their partners go into birth control surgery.
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It is important for the male patient to discuss this procedure first to his partner so that there won’t be any obstacles for vasectomy to be performed on. Both couples should factor in the following: if the female is of advanced age or putting the sperms in a bank sperm; the decision is on a case-to-case basis. Should the couple decide to have vasectomy and banking the sperms, during the surgical procedure, a small incision is also done in the testicle to remove some of the tubules, which are later brought to an andrology laboratory where sperms are extracted and, later, frozen. In the US, the cost of a vasectomy can reach up to $1,000, depending on the entailing requests of the patient. In looking for competent Utah doctors who specialize in vasectomy, you can go online and search on Utah’s medical directories. Dr. Justin Parkinson and Dr. G. Blake Johnson, both Utah doctors, are well-known on this field and both have excellent experience and skill in performing vasectomy. Dr. Parkinson has been into numerous vasectomy operations, the number of which is 2,000 no-scalpel vasectomies, and, presently, about 400 to 500 vasectomies per year, while Dr. Johnson is a urology specialist and vasectomy surgeon and has been practicing in this department for the last 15 years. Utah has got so many competent doctors who can perform vasectomy other than these two doctors mentioned; you can look them up online at Utah’s top hospitals or vasectomy clinics.